DJ Mantra
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DJ Mantra Ji is a Yoga DJ spinning danceable
remixed mantra, chants and world music
for yoga classes, kirtans and other special events.

Contact DJ Mantra Ji now to have your yoga class with a Live Yoga DJ or special events.

Check out mEVENTS page to see where and when I am spinning next.
New dates and events 
are being added all the time!


Yogi Tunes & DJ Mantra! = Ecstatic! 

So ecstatic to announce that I have signed on with a digital label YOGI TUNES!
I will be creating playlist and mixes for on and off the yoga mat around the world! 
The most innovative and inspiring yoga music guiding you through a 75-minute, 
60-minute or 30 minute flow provided by your favorite DJ:). Through the innovation of 
Yogi Tunes people will now be able to download my playlist. Stay tuned for more information. 

Nightclub - Groovinda
TBD 2014 Devotional Dancing to the ecstatic 

state with Mantra Music~

New Music Yo 

When I'm on the dance floor, I like to flow 
with new sounds from MC Yogi~

Mantra's New Music News

Free Download Jai Uttal!

A Return to Shiva Station invoke the sounds and melodies reworked from the master craftsman Jai Uttal is very worth listening to! 

This new release inspired me to dive back into my library and pull both Shiva Station and the accompanying Shiva Station Remix EP the tracks were very much ahead of their time when they were released, sung with such emotion and surrender, that every listener could identify with so much so that they still stand the test of time. 

With different insights gain from life mixed with the grace of time, I for one look forward to hearing the rest of this release.

New Free Tracks

Free Download MC YOGI!

FREE White Swan Wednesday offering comes from MC Yogi’s brand new album, Mantras, Beats & Mediations, released by Sounds True in partnership with White Swan Records.
The album finds MC Yogi at the peak of his hip hop powers, packing even more of the wit, charm and depth he displayed on his explosive debut, Elephant Power, as he delivers fresh new rhymes bursting with yogic wisdom.

MC Yogi and a major league production team made up of longtime collaborator Robin Livingston, DJ Drez and Jomial have created a fun but hard-hitting hip hop gem with a sound and feel recalling the best of A Tribe Called Quest and Beastie Boys. “Seven Wheels” is a superb, trip hoppy representation of what Mantras, Beats
and Meditations is all about. We hope you enjoy this free track. As always, if you Like it, please Share it.


Friday April 18th 2014
Come dance to vibrant expanding and worldly electronic beats
with live DJ's. 
Tons of parking! Hoopers and Contact Improv dancers welcome too!
Ecstatic Dance is a place to dance freely without the constraints of a club 
environment, shoes, alcohol and noisy people. Come dance to blissful world beats 
and groovin' bass! No shoes, no booze.... just come to move. Align your mind with 
your body as you dance however YOU wish in a beautiful container we create
for your enjoyment.

The music takes you on a journey from ethereal bliss to hip bumping grooves 
and back... Everyone can dance!!!!

1. No talking on the dance floor
2. Dance however you wish
3. Respect yourself and one another
( Please also refrain from street shoes, photos, video, and scents.)

The Movement Exchange 545 Pawtucket Ave.
Pawtucket, RI (just over the line from PVD!)


FYNC = Friday Night Yoga Club! April 25th! 

On a mission to celebrate community, Friday Night Yoga Club gathers the local 
Boston yoga community on select Friday nights around the most innovative 
and inspiring yoga instructors guiding you through a 75-minute all-levels flow 
(beginners welcome!) to a live soundtrack provided by your favorite DJ's or live musicians.
These music-fueled events offer a perfect night out for yoga, healthy 
eating and mingling with your local conscious-minded community to the 
soundtrack of live music. The 75-minute all-levels flow (beginners welcome!) 
begins at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Doors open at 6:30 pm) 

Tickets (on sale below): 
$20 advance / $25 at the door / Date Night 2-Packs for $40 (advance only)


UNIFIER Festival
June 5th-8th 2014

We were born to live creatively.
Let’s come together and dare to be inspiring.
Let’s create culture together.

Through sharing wisdom, ideas, dancing, singing, painting, sharing story, poem and song, 
balancing our minds, our hearts and our bodies, and honoring nature, ourselves 
and one another, 
we come together without excuse to share our beauty. 

Unifier Festival will bring together an amazing group of inspirational artists and educators. This is a sacred celebration of all that we are and all that we can be. Honoring and bringing together different sub-cultures this gathering is a yoga festival, it is a tribal belly dance festival.  
It is a world and sacred music festival, and dance party, a live art show, a place for ceremony, for permaculture, for  sculptural works and circus arts.  It is a place to care for the land and to eat organic food, and to be inspired and inspire our kids and our elders. A significant portion of proceeds from Unifier Festival over multiple years will be put in a Land Trust Fund for a retreat  center and  potential eco-village to be owned in perpetuity, governed by council, and in service to  the community.  
Just by attending this gathering, just by showing up and having an amazing time, you will be supporting the creation of a place where people come together to share creativity, culture, knowledge and wisdom through various mediums in the healing and expressive arts with a focus on a healthy relationship to the natural world.
“The power of humanity comes from people getting together and unifying.  Choose what to unify around”  Ac Tah- the Walking Shaman. It is our aim to leave the Land that holds us more beautiful than how we find it. And to offer these days together as a fertile ground for sparking new ideas and projects.


Yoga Rocks the Park - Melrose/Boston!
Sunday June 15th 2014 8am-11am

From one idea. To one event in Denver with 30 yogis. To 125+ events
across the U.S. 
with over 25,000 attendees. Born from one small
event in Denver, Colorado 
(with 30 people) seven years ago,
Yoga Rocks the Park™ (YRP) is now in 
a nationally-renowned
commUNITY, yoga & music celebration, bringing 
the festival vibe right
to your backyard in neighborhoods parks across the U.S. 

We continue to embrace the grassroots soul of our events and each
event series 
is locally managed, staffed and supported in 20+ cities
across the U.S. The event 
series in each city runs on select
Saturdays & Sundays in the spring/summer, 
donating 10% of the
net-profits to local and global causes. 

The weekly events feature an ALL-LEVELS 75-minute yoga class 
(BEGINNERS WELCOME!) featuring the areas most inspiring yoga teachers 
and kids yoga program, Camp YRP (for your little yogis), accompanied by
live music w
ith some of the top and emerging musicians in the country.
We also provide unique access to innovators in health & wellness in our
vendor village.

Here is an article on Dj Mantra Ji in
Stuff Magazine Boston The Beat goes Om...

Check out my set of ecstatic dancing music or my lastest remix 


If you would simply like to support me on this
 path of offering ecstatic dancing to sanskrit
music. I would be grateful.