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DJ Mantra Ji is a Yoga DJ spinning danceable
remixed mantra, chants and world music
for yoga classes, kirtans and other special events.

Contact DJ Mantra Ji now to have your yoga class with a Live Yoga DJ or special events.

Check out mEVENTS page to see where and when I am spinning next.
New dates and events 
are being added all the time!


Yogi Tunes & DJ Mantra! = Ecstatic! 
Pleased to announce my latest mix with my digital label YOGI TUNES!
The most innovative and inspiring yoga music guiding you through 
a 60-minute flow provided by your favorite DJ:).
Check out my latest mix: Go with Love!

I am ecstatic to announce my latest DJ Mix Release
for YOGI TUNES! Please check it out and share:)

"Go withLove" Mix by DJ Mantra (60 Minutes)

This Mix is dedicated to my children, although older have always been supportive and a great source
of inspiration and love, Much Love. Physical flow is just part of what a class can bring you,
the Go With Love Mix by DJ Mantra is that balance that draws your mind as well as your body
into asana practice by way of beats and melodies. While the music flows for any level of yogis
looking to deepen their practice with music, moving off the mat and onto the dance floor! 
Along with a savasana to make you melt into the floor.


Current News

I have been very busy working on music, including working on mixes for Yogitunes
and working on creating my own original music, look for 2015 release!

I am also scheduling out 2015!
 So if you are looking to book me for event
you have in mind or want to create an original event please contact me directly!



LIVE DJ SET Thursday, July 16, 2015 8pm-10pm
765 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 354-5433
I am honored to be returning to LIFE ALIVE in Cambridge, Mass!
  Live DJ Set mixing chants, mantras and world blend, join friends and yogis from the community, 
Enjoy awesome food and beverages and dance off what you eat! More details to come!


Live DJ Set @ All That Matters Yoga Studio

September 26th 2015 7pm-10pm

 I am honored to be returning with a Live DJ Set mixing chants, mantras and world blend, 
at All That Matters Yoga Studio in Wakefield, Rhode Island!. This will be an awesome yoga class 
that flow into a full out yoga dance party! Enjoy an evening with some friends and conscious music together for an evening of bliss! More details to come!

Please join and support our community for this magical event, this event sold out last time 
call and reserve your space today ! 

All That Matters was founded by Joan Dwyer in 1995 as a little yoga studio with a big vision 
and has grown into the largest non-residential holistic center in New England. Today more 
than 50 weekly yoga classes, an array of workshops and trainings, a retail store, and healthcare services ranging from acupuncture and chiropractic to massage therapy draw some 1000 visitors 
a week to Wakefield, Rhode Island. All That Matters is 45 minutes from Providence, 
90 minutes from Boston

All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center Wakefield, RI
315 Main St, Wakefield, RI 02879
(401) 782-2126


@ Jiva Jam Retreat

October 10th 2015 9pm-11pm
Retreat Runs - October 9th-11th 2015 9pm-11pm

 Excited to be offering a Yoga Dance Party Set mixing chants, mantras and world blend, 
at Jiva Jam at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, NY!
 This will be an awesome
 full out yoga dance party!
Enjoy a Retreat with other like minded souls, some friends and conscious music 
together for an evening of bliss!

Join us at the new location of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, NY
for a weekend of yoga, workshops, music, vegan food, exquisite nature and
hanging out with farm animals. 

The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is moving to a 150-acre property with lots more room for
the animals to roam free. It is also a perfect spot to hold yoga retreats! The land was previously
an overnight camp, and includes lodges for overnight guests, a dining hall with
professional kitchen, and lots of nature to explore and enjoy.
In early October the farm will be experiencing peak fall foliage. If the weather
permits some of our workshops will be held outside or in the barn. Farm tours will be held
from 11 Am to 4PM on Saturday & Sunday. Sanctuary founder Jenny Brown will lead
a special farm tour on Sunday afternoon.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
2 Rescue Road, High Falls, New York 12440
(413) 320-1001


Check out my set of ecstatic dancing music 
or my 
latest remix! 

    Please share it, as always, thanks for listening!

Nightclub - Groovinda
TBD 2015 Devotional Dancing to the ecstatic 

state with Mantra Music~

Mantra's New Music News

Free Download Jai Uttal!

A Return to Shiva Station invoke the sounds and melodies reworked from the master craftsman Jai Uttal is very worth listening to! 

This new release inspired me to dive back into my library and pull both Shiva Station and the accompanying Shiva Station Remix EP the tracks were very much ahead of their time when they were released, sung with such emotion and surrender, that every listener could identify with so much so that they still stand the test of time. 

With different insights gain from life mixed with the grace of time, I for one look forward to hearing the rest of this release.

Classic Music Yo 

When busy around the house I like to flow 
with sounds from Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda~

Her ecstatic singing and kirtan leading, often accompanied by other talented artists, has had a powerful effect amongst various communities in the islands of Hawaii, the West Coast, and Europe, always creating a deep sense of intimacy with the divine. She has a unique style that blends beauty, power and purity to create a truly transcendental sound driven by her deep connection with spirit. A gifted songwriter, she weaves English, Sanskrit, and prayers of other spiritual traditions with musical influences from India, indigenous trance, Celtic, psychedelic and folk rock. 

Since coming together with Ananda in November 2010, she has been steadily involved in their collaboration of sacred music projects and special events including recording, touring, retreats and teaching yoga together. 
She is the mother of two beautiful daughters, a student of Anusara and kundalini yoga, and the Special Events Representative at Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss, currently based in Eugene, Oregon. Visit her website: 

About Ananda: 
Ananda is a musician, who like many have been inspired by the Indian influences of Yoga and Bhakti. His own path took him deeply into the ancient teachings of Yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. His music has a unique blissful energy current supported by Mantras with roots in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, the Sikh holy language. 


Here is an article on Dj Mantra Ji in
Stuff Magazine Boston The Beat goes Om...



If you would simply like to support me on this
 path of offering ecstatic dancing to sanskrit
music. I would be grateful.